The Name


Parbold Youth Group got 'fed up' of not having a place to meet they decided that they needed to do something about it.

The youth group previously used the Village Hall and the PWI hall but they where not always available on the evenings they wanted to use them. Because of this they decided that they needed a place that they controlled when others used it.

The youth group had a think and decided they could run a business to pay for a place for them to use. Many ideas where thrown about but after a few weeks they decided that a cafe would be the best thing to do.

The next step was to find somewhere to do it so they had a look around and found a few possible places. Whilst looking around one of the landlords showed great interest in what they where doing. This landlord had the right premises and was keen to get involved, so that is the place they decided on.

The building they chose was what used to be Parbold Health Club. It needed a lot of work but they where happy to do it and insisted on doing it themselves. After going to lots of places for grants to do the work, and a lot of disappointment, they finally, just about, got enough money to do it.

With the help of a youth leader with business experience and a youth group member studying A level business they formed 3rd Way as a company to run the cafe, they also decided they wanted to put something in place to ensure that all of the money went to charities so they registered it as a Community Interest Company.

Then it was time to start the work. The health club equipment was taken out and the building was stripped back to a bare shell and the work started. The youth group did the majority of the work supervised by professionals. The cafe then ran for just over a year but didn't do very well. Then a very generous business man donated a refurbishment of the cafe.

After the cafe was refirbished it was decided that it should have a new name to go with the new look, so Coffee Etc. was born.

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