The Name


The 3rd Way name was inspired by a talk that was given to a vast crowd of all ages at the Tameside Hippodrome in Ashton-Under-Lyne A guy called Rev. Rob Bell was doing a tour called "calling all Peacemakers".

A few of us went along to see

In the show he did, (which was hilarious - but had a massively serious side and a huge social agenda that we all connected with) - he started talking about the phrase "turn the other cheek".

This may sound a bit controversial so please bear with me for a moment or two....

"Turn the other cheek" is a phrase that we are all familiar with and pretty much everyone knows that it comes from the bible - not many know that it could have a hidden meaning that our culture has lost over time.

 A view put forward by Rob was that in the time of the original use of the phrase, that society would never hit anyone with your left hand (Your hands had specific duties - lets leave it there...).

Also if you slapped someone with the back of your right hand  it was also a social statement - making the point that they were lower in society than you. However, if you were to punch someone with your right hand they were being treated as being equal to you.

So, if someone were to slap you it would presumably be on your left cheek. Thus, If you "turned the other cheek" they would be forced to punch you therefore treating you as an equal.

The point of the social inversion here is that - is it just possible, that in the instant that the person turned the other cheek, becoming an equal - could it, maybe just create enough space in that instant for the aggressor to think about what they are doing, leaving an opening for a change of heart and possibly a different solution.

This blew us away as a concept - Revolutionary Thinking

Thus - A third way is hopefully found - where a person is neither being a doormat or responding with violence (thus escalating violence).

It uses all our intelligence to find a non violent solution.
This is our principal

In the time from this saying with the culture it would have been easily understood, but as time has passed and culture has changed the meaning has been lost.

We have dared to try to re-claim it

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